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This is a test of integrating Ulysses and WordPress.

So this is a test blog entry to see if Ulysses is synched up to my blog. I’ve not been blogging much, but as I recently withdrew a bit from Twitter and Facebook in order to finish a novel and wrap up another really cool freelance project, I started to think about ways to optimize my own eco-system.

Once a year or so I get the bug to get this all running again. So we shall see if this lasts. But at the very least it’s a neat trick.

What is Ulysses you ask? It’s a pretty interesting Scrivener competitor that uses Markdown. Which has honestly kept me away from it for a while. But it syncs between iPad, iPhone, and laptop so seamlessly I am playing with it for the next month to see if I can move some of my writing over to it that would benefit from that. Like my short stories, which I often come up with ideas for on my iPad. It would be nice to be able to skip a couple organizing steps I usually go through.

Anyway, here we are testing to see if I was able to upload a picture:

What’s your favorite piece of writing related software? It feels like we are in a golden age of neat tools and solutions for creatives. A far cry from when I wrote most of Crystal Rain in Text Editor, each chapter an RTF file!

5 thoughts on “This is a test of integrating Ulysses and WordPress.”

  1. Your test appears to have succeeded 🙂

    Always good to see a feed re-appear in my RSS reader after a hiatus.

  2. Welcome back!

    I’ve been a fan of Dabble. It’s a browser based Scrivener competitor, but it doesn’t have quite as many bells and whistles, which I’m grateful for. It lets me organize my notes, make chapter and scene cards, but doesn’t overwhelm me with options. And they recently just introduced a huge update that makes it mobile accessible. It automatically syncs yup the cloud, too.


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