Want to invite me out to speak to you? I’ve spoken all across the world about creativity, writing, futurism, science fiction, green futurism, geo-engineering, and much more. I’m an enthusiastic and high-energy speaker, and I enjoy helping people think just a little bit further ahead, or tap into their creativity.

I’m comfortable appearing online through video chats and in person. I’m also a frequent guest on podcasts across the internet.

I’m able to drive anywhere in Ohio, southern Michigan, and eastern Indiana. Beyond that and I need to have my travel covered. Speaker’s fee is negotiable based on travel time and distance (particularly with non-profit or educational institutions).

Get in touch with me for more details.

School Visits

I’m happy to do school visits. The same requirements as above apply.

I’m available to do video visits to interested classrooms if everyone in the class has purchased the book. If the book has not been purchased, a fee can be negotiated for general purpose speaking.