The Apocalypse Ocean

About the Book

Welcome back to the Xenowealth.

Humanity continues to gain control of the Forty Eight Worlds as they deorbit wormholes and join the many worlds and civilizations together. But as they do so, they must deal with the horrors of past injustices as humanity forms new societies out of the wreckage of the old.

And some of those horrors aren’t content to rest. Kay, who has rescued herself from a hellish life dominated by uncaring alien creatures, seeks bloody twisted revenge for what was done to her.

And a new force is not happy about the manner in which the Forty Eight worlds are reshaping themselves. In fact, it’s about to put a stop to it all.

Praise for The Apocalypse Ocean:

This is science fiction at its most enjoyable, offering plenty to marvel at, while still giving food for thought. – Mark Chitty at SF Signal

The Apocalypse Ocean, I’m happy to say, starts off at a gallop, never slows down, and is completely up to the high caliber of its predecessors: a big, thought-provoking entertainment. It conducts a localized adventure with zip and zest, while also opening up the Xenowealth universe to larger consequences. Its appearance is a vindication of all of the faith of Buckell’s fans, and the author’s own determination. – Paul Di Filippo at B&N Review

Apocalypse Ocean is one hell of a good read! Buckell starts the action early, and it never lets up. Not only that, his worlds are not the stereotypical clean rooms of old-school SF; they are real, gritty places inhabited by believable aliens and people. – Chris Gerrib

The novel’s true payoff isn’t the relentless, breathtaking action that carries much of the plot, but rather its heady climax, which reveals a great deal about the Xenowealth universe’s ancient past; its vast, ocean-like network of wormholes; and the origins of certain antagonists from the previous two installments in the series. – Bookgasm