old time western sheriff's office

The Scar That Stains Red the Gulch: January’s Patreon Short Story (read it for as little as $1)

The January Patreon short story is a 5,000 word weird western story:

I came to town, as begged by telegraph, as speedily as I could to see about the problem of the women who’d all thrown themselves to death off Rushtown Gulch. I rode on the back of a sturdy chestnut mare with a crisp wind pummeling our heels and whipping up swirls of dirt. Rushtown wasn’t more than a few streets of store facades, eagerly set up to drain the miners of their gold. In the evening’s waning light, as the lamps began to flicker on, those windows looked as soulless and vapid as the men sitting about outside to stare at me.

The story can be downloaded in PDF, RTF, ePub, and MOBI (for Kindle) at Patreon for all subscribers.