When All Was Brillig: February’s Patreon Short Story (read it for as little as $1)

February’s short story is a 2,500 word piece of science fantasy for Patreon subscribers called “When All Was Brillig.”

The first time I threw myself at the claws of the reaper everyone assumed it was a mistake. Surely, said the reapermaster, she must have stumbled into its track. Though, we’d all been taught since we could walk to avoid the great creatures.

I had assumed it would carve me up, and those steel claws would shred me into a fine dust.

But instead the godmachine delicately picked around me, its legs stepped over me, and when it was all done, I lay in a tiny island of grain swaying in the soft wind.

The story can be downloaded in PDF, RTF, ePub, and MOBI (for Kindle) at Patreon for all subscribers.